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About Telecare

Telemedicine or telehealth is a term given to offering remote care to people, providing the care and reassurance needed to allow them to remain living healthily in their own homes.

The use of wired or wireless medical sensors may be part of a package which can provide support for people with serious illnesses or people at risk of falling.

Most Telehealth services mitigate harm by reacting to untoward events and raising a help response quickly. Some Telecare, such as safety confirmation and lifestyle monitoring have a preventive function in that a deterioration in the Telecare user's well-being can be spotted at an early stage.

Telecare refers to the idea of enabling people to remain independent in their own homes by providing person-centered technologies to support the individual.

In one of its form, it can be referred to a fixed or mobile telephone with a connection to a monitoring centre through which the user can raise an alarm. Technologically more advanced systems use sensors, whereby a range of potential risks can be monitored.

These may include falls, as well as environmental changes in the home such as floods, fire and gas leaks. When a sensor is activated it sends a radio signal to a central unit in the user's home, which then automatically calls a 24-hour monitoring centre where trained operators can take appropriate action, whether it be contacting a local key holder, doctor or the emergency services.

Telecare also comprises of standalone Telecare which does not send signals to a response centre but supports carers through providing local (in-house) alerts in a person's home to let the carer know when a person requires attention.

Telecare and Pakistan :

In a country like Pakistan, where there is a huge population of more than 190 million and a very poor healthcare infrastructure , since last number of years the need for Telecare enabled services, have been badly in need. Since last 3 years Pakistan telecom density has risen exponentially, from single digit it has moved upto 60% in matter of 3 years, with nearly 100 million mobile subscribers, there is not a single private or public sector Telecare service that offers health services using high-tech methodology.

There have been certain attempts , but those were on individual basis, such attempts were taken mostly by healthcare professionals from abroad, who wanted to contribute their knowledge and skill back to their home land, also some of the NGOs and Aid agencies tried to utilize Mobile phones and IT to develop solutions for providing Healthcare Management Systems towards their ongoing projects.

According to the American Telemedicine Association study, for every 100 clinic going patents, 70% can be treated using Telecare through telephonic advice. And so much so, with the use of broadband mobile internet connectivity and development of Wireless medical units that send the data and results using mobile connectivity, now the percentage of patients not need to go to hospitals can be further reduced by introduction of remote clinics operating such high tech medical sensors.

As said that Telecare simply enables care of people using ease of mobility and flexibility of time and location, especially older and more vulnerable individuals, who depend on care from others in their own home.

With more and more Pakistanis going abroad to work, while intercity movement of people also create a need to timely healthcare service to members of their immediate family back home.

While we did conduct a survey on the importance of Telecare services in country, it resulted in 90% of people say that that is their wish and Telecare allows it to happen. Equally it gives peace of mind to family, friends and careers, knowing that when they are unable to watch over their loved ones.

Pakistan being as densely populated country with a huge tele-density percentage as compare to its neibours, pose a potential for utilization of these healthcare innovation and get the benefits to the finger tips of millions living in ruling locations, that are currently deprived of quality healthcare and proper advisory.

Formation of Telecare (pvt)Ltd

Looking at the Pakistan opportunity a consortium has been created by leading experts from the filed of Medicine and Information Technology to create a state of the art platform on Telecare services. These members are from Pakistan , Germany , Korea , Romania , UAE , USA , UK and Bangladesh .

The services offered will range from providing 24/7 basic health support through Telephone, to providing remote patient monitoring services as well as Creating Electronic Medical record data base accessible from Computers and Mobile phones.

In this context a 24/7 call center has been setup with state of the art infrastructure, capable to take number of calls simultaneously which will be handled by recognized medical professionals.

Panel of reputed consultants and leading hospitals have been setup in order to provide instant referral service to calling patients.

A comprehensive Electronic Medical Record system has been setup, which carries complete medical records, medicine alert, appointment reminder capabilities builtin.

Telecare is committed to provide this unique service to Pakistanis living in and out side Pakistan, using all possible high-tech and innovative healthcare technology in the most effective manner.

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